Beautiful Monsters

Beautiful Monsters
Beautiful Monsters

Monday, August 13, 2012

The song is called “We Are Young” by FUN. So, no, taken all together and at their face, the lyrics are not going to be found in a hymnal. I don’t think my church owns hymnals. But if we do, this isn’t in them.
BUT, when I hear this song, I always think of my kids, because – well, the song is really catchy – but more, the chorus rings true, and there is a universal theme underlying it.  (Chorus - Tonight... We are young.. So let's set the world on fire, We'll burn brighter, than the sun)
And today, at a Pizza Hut, I was sitting down with six hungry boys, and this song comes on. Just like an episode of glee, in the third line, they all start laughing and singing together, getting up and getting their pizza and singing, swaying a bit… I almost cried, right there in Pizza Hut. The kids did this to me once before, in the eighth grade computer class they all just broke out into the fireworks song by Katy Perry.
There were some older folks there, and they were laughing and enjoying the show. I think they got the moment, too.
I am struck how amazing that they get to be a part of THIS. I had a very special experience in high school with a very close knit group; I believe that experience was different from the norm, and I am so glad that my kids get to experience this as their norm.

We eat our pizza. We go to the pool. “My” boys dominate. They rule the diving boards. They are wild berserkers in water fights. They are proven babe magnets. They flash their newly formed pecs and their long practiced smiles, roam in packs and eschew any form of wussiness, up to and including posing for photos that I so embarrassingly insisted on taking and using sunscreen. “My” boys are manly men.

THEN… on the car ride home, I am flipping through the stations and I hear, no! Go back! I do, and suddenly I have a car full of kids – boys, tall, hairy, macho, girls-phone-numbers-collecting boys, singing at the top of their lungs. Full volume. With FEELING.
With Adele. “someone like yooooooooouuuuuu”… voices rising and falling in pitch, a car full of scarred-but-wiser, singing-through-the-pain, football practice-starts-next-week songbirds, *ahem*, songraptors. I am still laughing about it. I wouldn’t have pegged that one in a million years.